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School Climate

Ascencion Solorsano Middle School is committed to providing a challenging and relevant curriculum, cultivating individual character and responsibility, and providing a safe and caring environment enabling all students to receive a well-rounded educational experience.

Eagles Code of Conduct

Every day respect the rights and safety of others.

Always be responsible by getting to class on time - in your seat, ready to work before the tardy bell. Bring your required materials and hand in assignments on time. Think before you act; you are accountable for your choices!

Good citizens keep our school grounds clean and free of litter.

Listen to others and don't blame or take advantage of others. Be a kind, caring, and helpful student.

Each student should be open-minded and fair with others.

Secure trust in others by being mindful of the things you say to others. There is a zero tolerance for bullying and harassment! Parents and students should report situations of safety or concern to a teacher, counselor, or administrator as soon as possible.